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"Back in the '70s it was my privilege to have seen many of Jerry Wennstrom's paintings. They were different, poignant, good and soon to be destroyed. Composite faces, the ones with bottom eyes closed and top ones opened, moved me most. It was like looking at something secretly, while it slept, but then it's never really like that. It, (us, we) are all conscious, all the time. Sentient, awake, alive.

The energy fields around his figures made me react. Not sure what the words really are, but something like instinctually. They resonated in my gut. Looking at those paintings, wondering at the mind that created them, it seemed the artist was very tormented by something but reconciling it with the rest of what he saw in the universe. The good stuff, purity, beauty, the sublime. And destruction and creation are from the same family tree anyway."
     - Bonnie Segelman, author of "Whispers Into the Egg" and "Tair"

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