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This piece is based on a saying by Lao Tsu, “How great the difference between Eah and Oh!” (Indifference and awe).

Pulling a lever on the right of the piece opens the upper chamber (with the 6-eyed mask on the cover) revealing a carved cedar mask with an expression of awe on its face. The face looks as if it might be saying, “OH!”

Turning the brass doorknob at the center of the piece causes 3 faces and a prayer wheel to shift around. The first face says, “Hmmm…” the second, “Eah” and the third, “Oh!” Pulling a long lever on the left of the piece makes the Being “breathe fire.” A fan hidden inside blows air through the mouth of the carved face of the piece, blowing iridescent, red strands of Mylar out of the mouth of the 6-eyed mask. This gives the appearance of the mask breathing fire.

There is a secret lighted chamber below and another brass and glass mechanism with red bubbling liquid inside. There is one cast iron foot below.
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