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The Inspired Heart: An Artist's Journey of Transformation
By Jerry Wennstrom. Published by Sentient Publications

The Inspired Heart Book Cover
The Inspired Heart
Book Cover

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Original Paperbook edition from Jerry. Autographed if you like. $21.95 includes s/h E-book Now Available at Amazom Kindel.

Sample Chapters:
Foreword by Thomas Moore | Introduction | Held in the Arms of the World | Black Luminous | Marilyn and the Madrona| Lightning

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The Inspired Heart Audiobook Cover
The Inspired Heart
Audiobook Cover
Buy the CD-version (via Jerry) $15 includes s/h.
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Listen to an excerpt of "The Visit"

This uniquely creative recording is read by author Jerry Wennstrom and is interspersed with other interesting voices. Kendall Hubbard (voice professional) reads Thomas Moore's foreword, Marilyn Strong reads the chapter titles, Bernd Label reads Rainer Maria Rilke's poem in Rilke's regional accent, and original music by poet and musician Steven "Muddy" Roues subtly weaves its way throughout the recording. Produced by Wetware Media.

In this book, Wennstrom tells the extraordinary story of his daring exploration into the source of his creativity. In the late 1970s, Wennstrom was a rising star in the New York art world when he realized that he was too attached to his identity as an artist, and set out to discover the rock-bottom truth of his life. He destroyed his large body of art, gave away all of his possessions, and spent the next 10 years living in the moment, on basically nothing, surrendered to unconditional trust and the creative inspiration of his heart.

Transformed, he re-emerged into the world as a more complete human being and artist with an entirely new type of art, rooted in innocence and spontaneity. Today his art pieces have taken the form of unique, interactive, life-size sculptural pieces made largely out of found objects that open up to reveal inner workings and hidden surprises.

The book includes 16 color pages of his exquisite and intriguing art. Photos of art work for book and Web site are taken by Ed Severinghaus.

The Inspired Heart tells of a life lived by the singular requirement of Grace - to remain fearlessly attuned to the heart.

"The Inspired Heart has been a real gift in which I feel the glow and power of Jerry's spirit."   Marion Woodman

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