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Jerry Wennstrom as your Guest

For Presentations
Artist, author and Whidbey Island resident Jerry Wennstrom is available for presentations of the video, "In The Hands of Alchemy," and group discussions and presentations. Jerry and his wife, singer and workshop facilitator Marilyn Strong have spoken at Parabola’s “Cinema of the Spirit” film and video festivals in New York City and San Francisco and at many other schools, universities, spiritual centers, galleries, churches, women’s groups, and other personal growth conferences (see past events).

"In The Hands of Alchemy" is the story of surrendering control of one’s life, art-making and the physical art itself in favor of spontaneity. And it deals with what is many students worst fear - Who am I if I am not making art? Jerry skillfully and gently draws people into their individual answer to that question.

Gallery showings and museum exhibits of Jerry’s artwork can be arranged to accompany the video presentations and speaking engagements and workshops.

For Radio or TV
As an experienced speaker, Jerry will be an excellent guest for your show. Wennstrom’s infectious optimism and bluntly honest language draws the reader/listener along in his search for truth. He has achieved a sense of calm and happiness that draws others to him, seeking the source of that inner peace. In an interview, Jerry Wennstrom can answer questions about:
Role of an Artist in the World - Jerry Wennstrom had the courage to step away from his established role as an artist in order to examine the source of his creativity. In that time, he was able to observe how the world perceives artists, and how the artist interprets the world. What responsibilities does an artist have within the world? What happens when an artist, such as Jerry, attempts to retreat from the world?

Bringing Your Passion to Your Work - Most people aren’t in jobs that arouse any strong emotion (other than frustration or stress). Jerry Wennstrom abandoned the work he loved and returned to it decades later. His passion remained, but the stress of creating had left him. How can others bring the same enthusiasm to their work?

Source of Your Creativity - Why must an artist understand the source of his creativity in order to produce a work of art? Does the source speak for itself in an artist’s work? What has changed in Wennstrom’s work between the art that he destroyed and the art he now feels compelled to create?

Leading a Spiritual Life in a Commercial World - Jerry Wennstrom lived without a steady source of income for over a decade. Can anyone maintain this lifestyle? At times, Jerry would receive a bit of food or a little money from his friends. Was this pure charity, or did they receive something in return?
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