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Exploring Passageways to the Soul through Dream Work, Ritual and the Creative Process

Thresholds Program
Image from Thresholds brochure

Thresholds is a program designed to help participants gain an understanding of the New Cosmic Story, to discover their place in this story, and to uncover their own living symbols that are emerging from the personal, collective, and world unconscious.

Thresholds will support participants to do their own inner work as a commitment to contributing towards the greater transformation of our world. It is designed to establish a dialogue between the conscious and the unconsious realms, to travel freely back and forth between the two worlds that Rumi speaks of, to listen closely to what is being uniquely expressed through each of us on behalf of the earth community.

This is a six-month program that will require a serious commitment to one's own creative process, to learning and personal growth, and to the maintenance of community through group process.
WHAT: Read the brochure

WHEN: Dates to come

WHERE: Regular Monday evenings in Seattle, plus one residential weekend on Whidbey Island per month.

COST: $1200 - $1600 (sliding scale)
Room, board, tuition and art matierals are included. Participants are responsible for the purchase of their own books.

HOW: Participation is by application and interview.
For further information or an application, please phone Marilyn at (360) 381.3382.